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Job Summary

Facilitates wellness awareness, workers compensation claims management, accident prevention, employee training, recordkeeping, OSHA compliance, risk and hazard recognition and management.  These need to be accomplished daily and monthly to reduce the costs associated with injuries, accidents, manpower losses, employee turnover, insurance costs and legal costs.  Also provides reports to management of trends, forecasts and expenses associated with these tasks.

Essential Functions

  • Reduce the impact on the workforce of both high and low risk activities on absenteeism and workers’ compensation expense resulting in less work related injuries, illnesses and reduced costs resulting from workers’ compensation and absenteeism.
  • Monitor health risks and exposures with advanced excepted scientific methods and data analysis resulting in a safer work environment with reduced hazards at work.
  • Review worker activities and machine functions to minimize risk exposure.
  • Handle regulatory compliance as an interface with US-DOL OSHA and NY Workers’ Compensation Board.
  • Supports, assists and responds to the needs of the entire workforce and production operations to lower hazards and injuries while improving and maintaining a healthy safety attitude and environment at the work site.
  • Directly supervise the Occupational Health Nurse and manage the First Aid, Employee Wellness and workers compensation regulatory requirements for the site.
  • Complete new employee orientation/training during the first two days of employment.
  • Maintain certifications and training requirements: First Responder, CPR, Certified Safety Professional, and Certified Hazardous Materials Manager.
  • Work with department managers, engineering staff, maintenance staff, Union officers, government agencies and healthcare providers on a routine basis.
  • Backup responsibility for Site Environmental and Sustainability programs.

Job Qualifications


  • B.S. in Science or Safety related degree such as Environmental/Health/Safety.
  • 5-10 years of experience in an Industrial Safety position.
  • Knowledge of OSHA, NFPA and ANSI and reporting requirements.


  • Knowledge of EPA and NYS DEC regulations and reporting requirements.
  • Knowledge and skills in OSHA Compliance Safety Training and VPP Programs.
  • Knowledge and skills in maintaining OSHA compliance – weekly inspections, supervisory training, reviewing procedures and installations.
  • Knowledge and skills in reducing accidents – employee training, worksite reviews, Job Safety Analysis, and hazard recognition.
  • Knowledge and skills in Workers’ compensation Claims Management, mitigation litigation, and direct defense of litigation.
  • Knowledge and skills in as a technical resource/advisor for all safety issues, training requirements, inspections, audits, and reviews/audits of new equipment and engineering modifications and changes.
  • Knowledge and skills in protecting property and personnel from fire and other natural disasters.


  • Work in both an office and manufacturing environment.
  • Able to walk and climb stairs throughout the entire facility.
  • Exposure to high and moderately low ambient temperatures.
  • Ability to communicate verbally, have good hearing skills.
  • Ability to work on any shift, including weekends when needed.
  • Some travel required.

    • Job type: Permanent
    • Location: Fulton
    • Date posted:
    • Salary:$65000 - $95000